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Balance is important feature on Dominobet you need to know related to your credit but this feature is still divided into several important parts again.

Learning Balance Menu on Dominobet

You don’t need to have years-experiences if you want to know what inside sportsbook site and learn all their features to make sure if this is going well or not. However, do you know the most important feature on Dominobet? Many bettors said Balance menu which you already know what it is actually.

However, this Balance menu is still divided into some parts and you must know all of them because this is related with your money or credit inside this site as member of this master agent. What is Balance meant actually because not all bettors know what it is and they are sometimes confused.

What Are Inside Balance Menu on Dominobet

In Dominobet and also all master agents in the world, you know Balance menu which is used to see your current situation on the game whether you win or lose, you may see give credit, bet credit, outstanding too easily. Meanwhile, those parts have different function on this matter of game.

Cash Balance is used to know if you win or not during some certain periods. In this master agent, if you see blue color, it means you win but if you see red, then you lose. It can be written also with numbers like plus something or minus something. For example is 100 or -100 to show your situation.

Outstanding Txn is showed your bet which is still going on the game. Meanwhile, Bet Credit is used as you credit used for betting. The value on this menu is actually coming from Given Credit which is added or reduced with Cash Balance and minus outstanding and those are available on Bandar Poker

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